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UPDATE 18.Nov.03: I implemented http-tunneling for the flash-client in nfc. You will find a suitable flash-client (for both socket and http) in the nfc-server which can be downloaded from server modifications for nfc. The client on this page uses only socket-communication and can be used with the default nfc-distribution from sourceforge.

Here is a new Flash-Chatclient for nfcchat. It is partly based on the work of ajdigital, who created the first flash-client for nfc, containing a flash-library and a java-counterpart for nfc. For more inormation on the technical facts please visit

Download: You can download the chatclient complete with FLA- and GIF-files here:
Fell free to modify and enhance this client. I would be happy to hear about it:

You can find general supportforums for nfc on the nfc project-page.


This new client currently uses ajdigital's library and splits the interface into two movies. Most of the chat-interface-design was done by Marc Hermann from Sand und Schiefer. Right now the flash-client does not support the http-tunnelling for firewalls which nfc can provide.

The main movie nfcFlash.swf can be called with four parameters:
So the URL in the HTML-file would look like this:

You can use the chat-interface with any kind of login-procedure: you could read the data from a database if you want to integrate the chat into an existing environment, or you could use a simple HTML-form to enter these values, or use the login-movie which is included in the download.

The login-movie nfcLogin.swf simply asks for username and password and then loads the main chat-client via loadMovieNum().


You can contact me via .